Traveling Off Season- More than just a cost savings!

I have to admit, when my husband and I travel, we tend to travel during high season. We want the good weather in the Summer, the snow in Winter (well I don’t really ever want snow).

Yes, we know we end up paying higher prices, but it is what we expect.

It wasn’t until this November, that over Thanksgiving, we traveled to Spain. Now, I am sure, that if you are an American, you are thinking I am out of my mind, and that holiday travel is expensive, and that the airports are packed.

While you are mostly correct, most people who travel over the holidays, tend to travel to see family, or with family. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas, Americans travel to visit family, who are more than likely American, they travel as a family. Cancun, Florida are packed and expensive. (Not to pick on Cancun but we went over NYE to Tulum last year and everything was a ZOO.)

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