Boating in the Balearic


The Balearic Islands have everything Island travel has to offer. The party towns, fishing, luxury shopping, the finest hotels, hiking, fantastic food, and not to forget- plenty and plenty of beautiful beaches & water.


Most visitors tend to bask in the sun at the most famous beaches. The most beautiful & secluded however, can only be reached by boat. Some can be reached by car if you drive for hours, and hike down as they are preserved national parks.


There are plenty of group outings and catamarans but for a more customized experience, I recommend hiring a driver. You can tell them what you like and you can really decide how many and how often you want the boat to travel around.


If you have time to plan, ask your hotel concierge the options. Last minute? – show up at the dock, there are always boats for hire ready to go.

Note: Many drivers are cash only, especially for gas.



Polleca –

Mallorca Charters –

Palma –

Cruesa Mallorca Yacht Charters –


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