Must do Barcelona

Barcelona is a bustling city, and like many of the World’s large cities, has a lot to offer. There’s the tourist areas, local areas, trendy neighborhoods, and well, plenty to do.

For those of you going soon, you have the delight of seeing La Sagrada Familia near end. It’s been a long time coming to finish. Once Guadi passed, between funding and artists, well, it has been a never ending piece of artwork , and a not to be missed visit in Barcelona.


Park Guell, in addition, should not be missed. Note: If you walk it’s hilly don’t wear uncomfortable shoes like I did!


Same as Citadel Park. Take Bikes to this one, much more fun!


La Boqueria- Perhaps the top market dining experience we have ever had. We even named a dish off one of the restaurants- Kiosk Universal- this place, wow, ow wow, words cannot describe its perfection. Besides Kiosk, there is vendor after vendor displaying magnificent Spaniard cuisine.

Keep in mind, to Catalans, Barcelona, is not Spain. They’ve tried to gain their independence. The most authentic restaurants, while they don’t list anything in English (or German, or French etc), their first language, is Catalan which is most closely related to Portuguese. Local Catalan establishments may shun you for not speaking their language.


My favorite neighborhood is the Gothic Quarter.

I couldn’t help but stop at 4 Gats after seeing Vicky Christina Barcelona.

Did you know that their beaches are newer? It was only since they hosted the Olympics that they man made beaches? Since then there have been many beach bar clubs open. Part restaurant and beach by day, dinner restaurant, and full on nightclub though the following morning.


We made our main dining experiences off of recommendations by bartenders at the local watering hole & managed to see Rahm Emanuel’s doppelganger at Bar La Canete, after slurping some fish brains from head on shrimp. This guy was such a ringer for Rahm, which a few years later, while dining at Picolo Sogno in Chicago, I told my husband that ‘I saw the guy from Spain that looks like Rahm Emanuel.’ A total error, it was Rahm.


La Sagrada Familia –

Park Guell –

La Boqueria –

Bar La Canete –

4 Gats –

Quimet y Quimet-



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