If You Only Have 3 Days in Seville

A 2 1/2 hour train ride from Madrid makes Seville, & Southern Spain, easily accessible.

I highly recommend seeing the city’s main attractions via bikes, and finding some off the beaten bath areas in their winding streets. Who know what you will find! Most hotels will arrange for bikes to be picked up/dropped off to you so check in with your concierge before aimlessly walking around trying to find somewhere to get one.

If you only have 3 days, be sure not to skip out on these sites.


Plaza de Espana & Maria Luisa Park– The Plaza de Espana is a beautiful, magnificent Plaza. There are beautiful painted hand tiles. There’s also a nice fountain. Adjacent to the Plaza there’s a really nice park. You’ll welcome the shade in the Summer, and admire the cornucopia of foliage colors in the fall.


Cathedral De Seville– Horse Carriages are all around the area. The Cathedral is one of the most beautiful I have seems, and sits in perfectly with Seville’s architecture.


Alfonso the 13th Hotel – Pricey to stay but great to go for a cocktail.



Bullfighting– Over the years, women have swooned over Bullfighters. Perceived as warrior-like heroes, they are celebrities of their own kind. If you can’t bear to watch a bull fight, at least check out Seville’s stadium, which houses a bullfighting museum.


Being in Andulusia, Seville boasts many places to see Flamenco. I prefer the experience of the Gypsy Caves of Granda, but if you aren’t going to Granada- Seville would be my second choice.



Don’t forget to fuel up on Tapas.

As a reminder, Tapas aren’t free in Seville (and Andalucía) unlike some other areas. But, they are extremely delicious. In Andulucia, there are some Arabic influences in the tapas. We tend to like to visit places that are authentic of the region when traveling, rather than seeking out higher end restaurants and eating too-pretty-to-eat dishes, or prix fixe 10 course bit sized meals.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Sol y Sombra- Calle Castilla, 147, 41010 Sevilla, Spain http://www.tabernasolysombra.com/


Bar Alfalfa – Calle Candilejo 1, 41004 Seville, Spain https://www.facebook.com/baralfalfa#_=_

El Rinconcillo – Gerona St. and 2 Calle Alhondiga 40, 41003 Seville http://www.elrinconcillo.es/en/


Hotel Palacio Villapanes- http://palaciovillapanes.com/en/




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