What To Bring On A Long Flight For a More Luxurious Experience

Perfecting a carry on for a long flight is an acquired skill set. It’s easy to pack the necessities but let’s face it- we all can’t fly First or Business Class. I have some things I swear by for an overall better experience.

Here’s my top 10.

  1. The Sweater Blanket Jacket- While technically this might not be an item that is in your bag depending on the season, I think it’s key. Especially if you prefer not to lay in the ‘clean’ airline blankets. A good sweater that fills the void, allows you to use the blanket as an extra cushion to sit on, making your seat more comfortable.sweater-blanket-jackethttp://www.barefootdreams.com/cozychic-ribbed-cozy-slate-blue.html?cat-id=35

2- NUUN Hydration Tablets &/Or Vitamin C Packets- You get dehydrated on planes, and germs are everywhere. Upgrade that water they give you to a delicious nutritious beverage all while staying hydrated. You will feel so much better.



3- Hand Sanitizer in Spray form- Keep your hands clean. I only recommend the spray kind to wash that tray!

4-Toiletries- Cleansing Wipes to wash your face, Tooth Brush/Paste, Deodorant ( I also carry on my make-up). Besides feeling cleaner the whole ride, the items may be a lifesaver if your luggage doesn’t arrive on time.

5-Hand Lotion- You can also grab some gloves and do an intensive treatment. That hand sanitizer will be drying out your hands so you need something to combat.

6-McDonald’s/Fast Food Toy- One REALLY early morning flight, while grabbing a coffee, all I could think is that I would be so mad if one of the many babies that were in the terminal gate were crying, I’d be really upset. Then I saw them, kids’ meal toys. Bought myself 3. None cried on the way there but I used all 3 on the way home when some toddlers were screaming. Toys saved my sanity.

7-Noise Cancelling Headphones- Skip cheap typical ones and go for noise cancelling. They will double as ear plugs even if you don’t want to listen to anything.

8-Travelers Cocktail Kit – Upgrade your booze game.http://wandpdesign.com/pages/carryoncocktailkitwp_carryon_of_gt_mm_sleeves_02f4461c-fd3f-45a7-839b-a2f3dc01c5599-Eye mask – I’m not one to love wearing them to sleep, but the glare of the screens that are now on the back of every seat can make it tough to sleep.

10-Your own snacks- There truly is nothing worse in the world than eating airplane food. Also unless you are in 1st or Business Class, that tray sits at your seat much longer- cluttering your space.


Bonus Item: A Swimsuit. A Friend brought this one up to me just a few days ago. While she went to a beach destination, it reminded me of one thing. If your bags are delayed, and you arrive prior to check in time, and can’t shop…. You can at least go to the spa.


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