Chicago’s Northside Brewery Tour

Craft breweries have been popping up all over, and Chicago’s Northside Neighborhoods have no lack of them. Not only has there been extreme growth in the neighborhood, they support and complement one another, as oppose to treat each other as vicious competition.

In a city widely known as ‘The Windy City,’ and not for the wind, it’s a breathe of fresh air to see so many local businesses acting as complementitors as opposed to competitors. (Okay yeah, I made up a word, so what).

Our recent favorites, which are BYOF (bring your own food) are a few blocks within one another, and all dog friendly. (you can order your own food in too).


Begyle- We pretty much frequent here the most, besides having great beer, our dogs just love this place. Nearby the front beer tap there is a water bowl for pups. One of our dogs, Deia, knows it’s there, the second she walks in she tries to bolt to dig in the bowl and spill it. We joke that she knows of it as her local watering hole (pun intended). It’s almost like this place knows us, board games, card games and they sell truffle flavored puffed quinoa. I mean, who doesn’t love truffles? Magical mushrooms. In addition, a handful of their beers have the name ‘bird’ in them. We sometimes call our other dog, Barkley, Bird, and I have a bird tattoo.

Dovetail- Seriously, what is it with these breweries and bird names right? I read about Dovetail opening in a magazine, and first went because they were dog friendly. They have 3 beers, all German beers, which well to be quite frank, we don’t really buy or drink German Beers. We know what we like. But, wow, wow, wow, to our surprise their beers are amazing. It was as if they were somehow able to take everything we like about beer, and everything everyone else likes with German beers and create perfect harmony. They also sell German Pretzels and these tasting Argentine Desserts from a Lucilles. I haven’t had the pretzels but I hope they have exceptional cheese dip hidden somewhere.

Imeperical- We were late in our first visit, even after friends were there. It was the- that’s just a teeny tiny, itty bitty, too far to walk by 1 block compared to the other two breweries, and it’s not on the way home that slowed us down. Well I thank Brutus’s mom that we met for planting that seed, and the very right moment, to get us to come. Brutus is another dog that attends the same daycare place that we will bring ours. We were all buying our pups unnecessary things at Urban Pooch (a short walk from the breweries) and she gave them a prop. We decided we must try this place. While also being BYOF, having snacks and being dog friendly, Empirical has a wider range of beer types. Lager, Saisons etc, they have about eh 15 on tap, and did not disappoint. In addition, they were the only brewery that has TVs on the wall. Great for watching sports.



Begyle Brewing

1800 W. Cuyler Ave. Chicago IL 60613


1800 W. Bell Plaine Ave. Chicago IL 60613

Emprical Brewery

1801 W. Foster Ave. Chicago IL 60640

Urban Pooch

4501 N Ravenswood Chicago IL 60650



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