Bisteca Florentine

Every city in Italy seems to be known for a dish that is done exceptionally well in the area. And in Florence, it’s the Bisteca Florentine. A giant cut of beef, tender and juicy, people all over the world flock to it’s local restaurants to enjoy a wonderful piece of beef.

Living in the Midwest United States, we are spoiled with access to high end beef products. There are hundreds of local artisan farms, yet many just grab whatever cheap beef is at the grocery store and wonder why the simply cooked steak at a local steak house is so much better.


Quality, quality, quality. That is the answer. Well as long as you know how to sear and cook a steak to the proper temperature and finish with some again, quality salt.

It seems so very simple I can’t even imagine how anyone would need a recipe so rather than that I will offer some tips at ensuring you can cook your personal best dish at home.

Quality- I can’t stress quality enough. Go find where you can purchase the highest quality local meats. Avoid frozen.

Grass Fed vs Grain Fed- Grain Fed has a stronger ‘beef’ flavor according to some. It also can tend to be a bit greasier/fattier. If you have grain intolerance, go for the Grass Fed. We personally like the flavor of grass fed better- but that will always be a personal preference. It just tastes cleaner & fresher to me.

Sales- Ask WHY the product is on sale before telling yourself it’s a great day to make a steak just because of a sale. A multi day sale at a larger store that was pre announced was likely due to the retailer getting a better deal, especially on seasonal items. But a sale on kabobs and premade items are likely that the retailer is trying to get them out of the store. Fresher meat is always more delicious.

The Butcher is your friend- Tell them what you like, and ask what’s best today. Each cut of beef will have a bit of a different texture, cooking time, and hold at different types of conditions.

Cooking conditions matter- Known your grill. A flame is always best. Also ask your butcher. Certain cuts of beef do better on the stove vs others. For example, if cooking indoors- we typically do hanger steak as we feel, while not the same as an open grill, we aren’t sad 😉


Let Sit before serving- The beef will continue to cook. Take it off the grill to sit for a few before cutting it. It will ensure it remains the correct temperature.


Salt & Pepper at the End- Salt is your friend when it comes to seasoning beef. And know your salt, Morton’s Salt is not for seasoning, use it to boil water etc. Neither is Coarse Salt. It is for boiling or a salt grinder. Salt & Pepper is all you need when you have the right kind. Same thing with Pepper. Use coarsely ground fresh pepper.  Finish with a little butter or finishing oil. World of difference.



Eataly- Eataly has some of the best beef (ok and seafood and hundreds of other things). But they always have local beef and tell you the exact farm it comes from. Major Plus.

Maldon Salt – By far the best flaky salt.


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