Canine Road Trip Ideas

Growing up playing club soccer, I was no strangers to driving around the country, packed in a van, with tweens and a chaperone parent or two. Combined that with Chicagoland traffic, the concept of a road trip sounds like a form of torture.

Until we got a puppy.

What dog wouldn’t love to swim in a National Park, run through never ending grass fields, eat campfire BBQ, and stick his or her head out the window of a car to feel the wind flap their ears around?

The closest thing I’ve been on to a road trip since High School, was the 10 hours we drove in 1 day, to pick up and drive home our puppy, Deia. Chicago to adjacent Louisville in one day. But, it flew by. Part of it was the excitement of picking up our little nugget, but the other way the joy she had in that car ride. Pure happiness ( and nappiness). How could we not take her on a summer adventure?

We have 3 ideas so far, none of which we have ever been together. Well- except wine country.

This time around we need tips ourselves!

Here are our ideas so far.

Rent a Cabin in Traverse Bay- Great idea in theory but we can’t find a nice cabin to rent L Well that doesn’t have 10 bedrooms…..

Pacific Coast Highway & Wine Country? Coastal views, sun, views & wine? Sign. Me. Up.


And read Wine Dogs so you know that you are visiting wineries that love dogs.

Make sure you meet Ace over at Whetstone & taste their amazing wine.


Southwestern National Parks – Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico.

If only I had a real photo ;(


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