Top 5 Beachside Beverages

School is back in session, high travel season is about over, and Autumn is around the corner.

With only a few weeks left of Summer in Chicago, relax at the local beach, pool, or roof deck with my 5 favorite seaside beverages. Okay, okay, Chicago isn’t the Ocean but hey, we can pretend right?

My favorite beverages are all super easy to make, and can be made without any specialty liquors. My favorites tend to bring me back to places that I have traveled, and I urge you to try them while lounging in the sun, wanderlusting, and planning your next vacation. At the bare minimum, you’ll be relaxed.

1-Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz is by far my favorite Summer Cocktail. I’ll never forget my 1st. After being lost and incredibly hot after walking stairs upon, stairs, we were given one at hotel check in. The fruity bittery, beverage with the tiny little bubbles had my taste buds dancing.

2016-01-03 17.00.55

Recipe- 3 Parts Prosecco (I think dry is best)l, 2 Parts Aperol, 1 Part Sparkling Water- garnish with an orange slice

2- Sangria

I’m going to just be flat out and say it, most places have pretty inauthentic Sangria around ton. I’mt pretty sure most bars just shlep together OJ, Red wine & Soda and maybe add some Triple Sec or cheap Brandy. They are a handover waiting to happen. If it’s not convenient to make, I listed a few bottled ones that do the job.

I usually eyeball making this so this recipe is a bit of an estimate because we all have different personal preferences. I do ASSURE you that Liquor 43 and Orange Fanta are KEY to making the sangria.

3 Parts Red Wine, 1 Part Liquor 43, 2 Parts Orange Fanta 1 Part Sparkling Water (many places use another Fanta but I find it a bit sweet). You can substitute for OJ in there too. I like a teeny tiny splash. Drink over Ice with Fruit Garnish.

2015-07-06 20.31.44.jpg


For a more luxurious experience. Go for the Rose. Rose all Day. And be sure to use a nice glass.

The Tour White Wine Glasses from Crate & Barrel are my favorite.


4-Really Cold Cana (Beer)

Skip the cheap American Beer and transport around the globe. Truly ensure it is SUPER COLD.

Dreaming of….

Spain- Have a Maho

Mexico? Guzzle a Dos Equis with a nice juicy lime squeezed in.

Croatia? Ozujsko


5- Agua Fresca

Looking for something non-acoholic? An Agua Fresca is a great natural way to have something that tastes good, without getting buzzed up.

2015-11-30 20.52.24

I found this great recipe on Rick Bayless’s Website.

I made a the adult version just using Watermelon Water, Ginger Syrup & Tequlia.

What is your favorite Summer Beverage?



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