Gypsy Caves of Granada

For the most authentic Flamenco experience, head to Sacromonte, in Granada.

Walking down the streets in the night, on the unlit roads, you can feel the energy that comes from the caves.

2015-06-26 17.35.09.jpg

Since the 15th century, the neighborhood has been inhabited by gypsies and boast of the most vibrant Flamenco Scene.

You can go for a full dinner and show, or just a show. Tickets must be purchased in advance to ensure admittance. We walked through the night before to check out the scene and select a place, to return the next day and purchase tickets.

The caves are built horizontally into the hill and distinctively painted in traditional colors and tiles to easily pick out which caves host Flamenco, versus regular cave homes of the locals.

2015-06-26 17.37.07.jpg

Inside the single or double room caves you will find white painted walls, with copper pots hanging from the walls. Most of the places also seemed to have photos of their dancers, and or famous guests that have visited over the past many years.

2015-06-26 23.25.41.jpg

The show was by far one of the most memorable experiences I had in Granada because not only was it fun to watch, I could feel the passion. The music was loud and contained in the small caves, the vibration of the floor could be felt through my whole body, I had been transported to another place and time where nothing else in the world that was happening even crossed my mind. We just there, just there, in that cave, experiencing.

2015-06-26 22.49.25

In fact, to La Gitana, only the most praised in the Flamenco community, can reach Duende- a heightened state of emotion.

The cave had maybe 20 or 30 people in total, with half seated on each site. We faced the dancers.

2015-06-26 23.10.01.jpg

Okay, It’s Saturday… time to dance 😉


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