A Tourists Summer in Chicago

Being born and raised in the Chicagoland Suburbs, and living downtown from the time I was a Freshman in college, I’d like to think that I am a bit of an expert on the city. At one point I moved 10 times, in 10 years.

Chicagoans love the Summer. All Summer we complain about the heat (not me I do wish it was 90 and sunny everyday), and complain all Winter about the cold.

Um yeah- see why.

2015-02-02 08.26.32.jpg

This weekend is the Air & Water Show, and we are nearing the end of the Summer, so I only think it makes sense for me to share some of my favorite things to do in the Summer in Chicago, and some to skip.

If you love the water:

The Air & Water Show.

I think the Air & Water show is a do. But skip going to North Avenue Beach/Oak Street Beach. While viewing from a boat is the best view, it’s not always possible. Check out a nearby hotel’s rooftop. Many have events and viewing parties.



2015-08-15 14.40.38-2.jpg

Rent a Jet Ski, Kayak or Paddle Board. I recommend the Kayak’s along the Chicago River, and Paddle Board’s at Montrose Beach.


Take a water taxi. Much cheaper than an architectural boat tour 😉


2015-09-23 16.12.32.jpg

The best way to see the Museums.

I personally have a tough time wanting to pay the hefty admission prices so would myself skip all together, and check out street art but that can be your call. But what I do highly recommend is the various events the museums have.

Jazzin At the Shed and The Art Institute at night time for example are great ways to enjoy both the art/venue as well as enjoy the outdoors.



If you are a science buff, be sure to take a bike (don’t worry we have Divvy if you don’t want to formally rent one) and bike down to the Museum of Science & Industry.

Bike around!

Take the 606 or take our 40 some miles of lake path.


2015-05-24 08.58.09

Music Buffs-

While there are festivals like Jazz Fest, Blues Fest etc, we have a bunch of great venues.

The Ravinia- www.ravinia.org

Andy’s Jazz Club- www.andysjazzclub.com

The Green Mill – www.greenmilljazz.com

Concert At Wrigley Field- in the stadium or at a rooftop.

Beer & Spirits-

Take a North Side Beer & Spirits Tour. Here’s my recommendations!

Dovetail (BYO Food + Dog friendly) – www.dovetailbrewery.net


Begyle (BYO Food + Dog friendly) – http://www.begylebrewing.com

bg cuyler

Lunch or Dinner & Beers @ Hopleaf. FYI they are famous for their Mussels & Frites. They have a LARGE selection of Belgium beers so I wouldn’t go here 1st. www.hopleafbar.com

Koval for a Spirits Tour- www.koval-distillery.com

Half Acre / Half Acre Taproom. Their Taproom newly serves beer, or you can just taste and buy some to go. www.halfacrebeer.com


Feel free to reach out to me on any other recommendations!

xoxo, #AmalfiGitana


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