Travel Tip Tuesday- Booking Flights

Many are overwhelmed when booking flights. So many travel booking sites, airlines, tips and flight options to choose from, are a cause for anxiety.

My husband and I take a more simplistic approach when booking international flights to multiple destinations. Skip buying ALL your flight legs at once (unless booking a last minute flight, if you are going to 1 destination, or booking as a stopover).

Advantages of doing so:

  1. You can book a regularly scheduled from from the US to a major International Hub further in advance- thus getting a better deal.
  2. Shorter Intercountry flights tend to have schedules changed up to 3 months in advance. By taking advantage of not booking all flights at once, you decrease your chances of having a schedule change that affects your entire trip.
  3. Gives more flexibility if you want to book flexible flight dates, or change your mind on destinations.
  4. Or if you change your mind and want to see a neighboring city (we do this every time!)

Booking with the Airline Direct.

We are big fans of booking direct with Airlines, rather than 3rd party travel sites. You can experience things such as:

  1. Option for paid upgrade at later date.
  2. Increased change of flight upgrade, and preferred boarding
  3. Seat Selection
  4. Correct information on baggage etc

Also when booking on an international flight book on the Airlines home country webpage, in native language. Example- If booking Iberia, rather than booking in USA English, book on en Espanol.

NOTE: Always clear your cache and cookies prior to booking. If you can’t speak the language of booking, do a search in English for flight information and dates before booking. LASTLY- remember that many places dates aren’t the same as America (Month/Date/Year) but rather (Day/Month/Year) so be sure to book the correct dates.

Happy Travels!


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