Camogli, Small Town Liguria

Cinque Terre is a bucket list for many but did you know there are many other fabulous destinations on the Liguria?

We found Camogli because it was outside of Cinque Terre and had planned to take a hike over. From various recommendations we decided to skip the tourist destination and stuck to some smaller areas.

Shortly before we left Conde Naste had also released this article.


Camogli however, became one of the most memorable places we have traveled, and we hope to return someday. We found a fantastic VBRO rental, from a couple who lives in Portland. We had uninterrupted views of the Liguarian Sea.

Camogli’s buildings are painted in a similar way to neighboring Cinque Terre, but lack the tourists. With Cinque Terre also limiting the number of tourists, I imagine Camogli will only continue to grow in popularity.


From Camogli, I recommend taking a hike up to Recco for the Focaccia di Recco. It takes 30-44 minutes if I recall correctly. It’s a very small town off the hiking trail. Focaccia di Recco is made with crescenza or stracchino cheese, and I have even seen it drizzed with Olive Oil.

For a more secluded day on the beach, take a ferry to San Fruttuoso to relax by the beach. In addition, there is an underwater statue known as Christ the Abyss. A statue commemorating scuba divers. There is also an old Monk’s Abby which also has a few restaurants. The beach can only be reached by ferry.


Another not to miss stop in Camogli is the Fiorella Sisters Pasta & Focaccia shop. If you end up being as lucky as we were, we purchased the handmade fresh pasta and sauces to go, and cooked in our rental. It’s a game changer for ambitious chefs out there. A recreation of this meal was the first thing we cooked when we got home, fresh pasta and all.


Camogli is a fisherman’s village so be sure to eat some local, fresh, seafood at the village’s restaurants.




Christ The Abyss –

San Fruttuoso –

Recco Hike Up and eat here



Pasta Fresca Fiorella –

Da Paolo –



This is our exact VBRO-

Villa Rosmarino –


While on the beach be sure to read Beautiful Ruins, the book is about the surrounding areas!


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