Jamon Iberico Secrets

Prosciutto, Serrano, Jamon Iberico, Jamon Iberico de Bellota, whichever is your favorite, I think we can all agree that the high quality cured meat could make any mouth water to the point of dehydration. On an episode of ‘Spain on the Road Again,’ Mario Batali even asked Mark Bitman how one could travel to Spain with someone who does not eat jamon. Meaning Gweneth Paltrow.

The salty, buttery, oaky, decadent umami ham is by far best served when cut right from the bone.


Air Sealed packages, while still incredibly tasty, are just not quite the same. But have one slice properly cut off the bone, and you may never want to eat the prepackaged kind again.

A Jamon Bocadillo is perhaps one of the most simple incredible sandwiches on the planet. If you have not had one, I urge you to add it to your bucket list.

Jamon, Baguette, Olive Oil- even just this is good. I prefer mine with Mahon & grated tomato. Bread toasted obviously.

In Chicago, we have gourmet sandwich shops all over town but I still can’t seem to find a good bocadillo on the menu. It’s just not fair.

For some reason though, Spain, has the very best jamon sandwiches around in the most unassuming places.

Don’t drive pass the Gas station with a bar, or food sign. While this normally would make me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. I assume you that you will find fantastic sandwiches and tapas in almost gas station off the highway.

One of the top 2 Jamon sandwiches I ever had was at a gas stations bar, off the A-4 E-5 heading down to Granada. We in fact SOUGHT OUT a gas station bar to eat at, and boy or boy was it a treat.


While I know you might not be able to head over to Spain and get one. Stop by your local butcher shop or a restaurant that has the jamon on their charcuterie menu, and buy some to go.

Please don’t tell me you need a recipe. If all else fails, enjoy and share like this guy at San Fremin in 2012.


Happy Eating!


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