Tulum, Mexico- Skip it over NYE

TBT To Thursday Dec 31, 2016.

The last few years, in Chicago, the weather, quite frankly, has been the worst. Minus 40 with the wind chill, 4 feet of snow. So cold that my Stella and Dot handbag strap gave up, snapped in half. Winter in Chicago, sucks.

B + I decided, let’s get out of here. We had airline points and spent a few hours looking where we could fly, for free, in around 4 hours or less, and well- be hot. Next thing we knew, we were flying to Cancun round trip, over NYE. Frightening on one end to be at an airport during holiday, all while fearing the gate and destination be polluted by Juicy Couture Jumpsuit + Tiffany Pitbull Necklace wearing women, the destination sounded promising.

We would go to Tulum.


Conde Naste, Travel & Leisure, you name it, described Tulum as a tropical white sandy beach town, filled with amazing restaurants, a boho luxury destination, sans tourists, filled with amazing restaurants begging to be explored.


We knew a few folks who had traveled there. None of which went over holiday, and boy oh boy, was their experience different than ours.

Not – so – spoken Tulum.

Now maybe because it was over NYE, there was a different vibe in town. We don’t like going out on NYE at home so I’m not sure why we thought anywhere would be any different.

Inside the town of Tulum, you’ll find the cheaper lodging, hostels, and lower scale restaurants. Many of which were given good reviews online, but we found ourselves questioning sanitation and were trying not to get Ecoli.

Our hotel was on the opposite end of the shopping/restaurant area along the main strip of Tulum. We had received referrals and recommendations on lodging but at a fairly last minute travel, they were booked.

1st of all, where was all the Mexican food? Seriously where was it? My husband and I ate Mexican food over twenty times in December in anticipation of Mexican food.

Most of the restaurants were themed perceptions of the place their cuisine would have originated from. Picture a Thai restaurant with 100 Buddas, street food tacos- of course an old VW Wagon and wooden picnic tables, a Mexican cantina- yep looks like Uncle Julio’s, Chi-Chis or some other chain brand, Italian- Modern and Sleek- I could go on and on.

We heard that a lot of Australians go to Tulum, I imagine this must be Bali for those who want to go so much farther around the world and see Mayan ruins. Thinking of Tulum as an international destination, I reimagine the strip as an American melting pot of food. Not saying that the Italian restaurant isn’t Italian, rather than the selection of dining, is a melting pot, a vast mix.


Tulum seems, to me, not off the tourist path, rather off the All-Inclusive path. It’s a kitsy themed town of nice lodging and sandy beaches, outside the jungle.

Go for the short flight, warm weather. I happily relaxed on my lounge chair knowing that it was -40 with the wind chill in Chicago as I lay in 80+ weather.

Select good lodging, lay on a chair, sleep, relax.

Unfortunately for us, Mexico must have realized we weren’t in love with Tulum as we head home with Montezuma’s Revenge. That’s what I get for eating a salad in Mexico. I should have thought about the fact that while we can’t drink the water, vegetables are washed in it, and coffee made with it.




In June 2016 the mayor raided some of the hotels, Including Coqui Coqui and left guests stranded. I am not 100% sure what hotels were and were not affected, and how this had changed their renovations. I will list names but again, they may need to come back from damage, all which will likely not be noted on websites.

La Zebra Tulum – http://www.lazebratulum.com Carretera Tulum a Boca Paila Km 8.2, Ejido Pino Suarez, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Casa De Las Olas – http://www.casadelasolas.com

Be Tulum – http://www.betulum.com Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila Km.10, Zona Hotelera, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico


Posada Margherita –  http://www.posadamargherita.com/index.php?lang=en Quiant Italian Restaurant with Shabby Chic Boho décor.

Hartwood – http://www.hartwoodtulum.com  EVERY magazine mentions Hartwood, I’ m purely mentioning to let you know that you need to get in line at NOON now not 3PM to get a table. They get staff there between 2:30 and 3 to take names for tables, but people line up at noon. I think this is ridiculous on the restaurants behalf and for people taking 3 hours out of their vacation to eat here. To each his own.

Chamico’s- (no website) Outside of Tulum proper but perhaps the best casual food around. (Soliman Bay)


Kitchen Table – http://www.kitchentable.com Carretera Tulum a Boca Paila, Km 1.2, Ruinas, 77780 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico



Tour the Sian Ka’an Bio Reserve

Explore Ceynotes

Ride Bikes Day Trip to Valladolid or Coba



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