When you love a place so much you name you name your soon to be puppy after it. #deia

Everyone has one, that ONE place you visit that for some reason that very tiny location, that day, those moments, that it becomes one with you. It’s as if it is your true home, and that being away, makes you homesick. There are always our favorites, always those places in a city or region visited, that a tiny place (restaurant, beach, coffee shop etc), that become your favorite place.

Majorca is that place for us. We want it to be our future home someday. Sure we may change our mind but as of now we love Majorca. Yes we want to visit Menorca and Frometera, perhaps we will find them more magical but the Balearic Islands have stolen our hearts.

2015-07-03 12.47.24

On this wanderlust Wednesday I invite you to dream of Majorca, and hope our trip inspires ours. We have so many stories to share but today will only share one.


We stayed at Can Simoneta, in Capderpa. An amazing small, adults only hotel. On our stay we took day trips to various places around the Island. Only around 50K wide, there is more beauty packed on this Island than any I have ever seen.

2015-07-01 17.46.18


We read about Sa Foradada in Bon Appetit Magazine. Near Deia, you hike to the bottom to a cove, to a seafood place. But Bon Appetit did not give this day’s experience justice.  Our trip was planned there before the article was written but it was as if Yotam Ottolenghi’s article is just as emotion filled as the love I am feeling right now trying to tell you how amazing this day was. It’s as if I am so far filled with love that I cannot explain, or brag or begin to tell you how this day was.

2015-07-03 12.15.41


We parked up the hill. Which BTW we got a BWM for $138.00 for a week, cheaper than a day car rental for an entry car most DAYS in our home city. We walked, we heard it was a hike. Oh it was…. Down a hill, give yourself an hour and a half. Yes hop the fence, and yes be confused you are maybe going the wrong way the whole time.


The views are beautiful. A spectacle.

2015-07-03 13.28.33.jpg

At the bottom is the most perfect Paella restaurant. Full of plastic chairs, papernapkins, and the most perfect Paella. Seasids Paella. Pan Am Oli. And a cove, an international audience.

2015-07-03 16.54.20.jpg

This place, is in Deia.

2015-07-03 13.47.52.jpg

Meet Deia- we are picking her up on Saturday. We thought of hundreds of names but nothing stuck until we knew.





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