Travel Tip Tuesday- Obvious Spoken

Travel tips come in all shapes as sizes. From how to pack, what day to book, time to book, when to go.

Every Tuesday I am going have Travel Tip Tuesday and Share Two Tips. It’ll also be Two for Tuesday!

Tip 1- How to Get FREE Admission.

$20.00 here, $30.00 there can add up on trips, especially when traveling as a family. But did you know that if you check the right places, there’s a good chance you get free, or discounted admission- especially when booking in advance. Either way, book in advance to avoid waiting in the ticket lines, you’ll have a better experience.

  1. Check the venue’s websites for Free Days. Recently Visited the Boboli Gardens for free purely because, it was SUNDAY. Most museums are free on Sunday’s in Florence.
  2. Check with your Credit Card Company- Many Credit Cards offer free or discounted Admission depending on what type of member you are.
  3. Ask the Hotel Concierge- Hotels commonly have tickets for various shows and venues. Yeah not all the time but it’s so easy to ask. You’ll likely have better luck snagging freebies for smaller attractions, which will also be less busy.
  4. Company Perks- Many larger companies have relationships with various travel companies and programs. Been at your job a while? You probably forgot you have access to such services. Your HR Department will likely know.
  5. Check Coupon Websites- Companies like Groupon offer discounted services when bought in advance. Just beware the coupons expire or tend to have restrictions on usage. I don’t think people tend to remember that many of these companies services are offered in other countries 😉



Tip 2- The Flight Booking Tip No One has Ever Given

There isn’t much more exciting than booking a flight, but if you are anything like me, I book mine nonrefundable because they are cheaper. I book in advance, perhaps too far in advance which brings me to my tip.

Do not book a lesser flown Intracountry country, or short flight to a neighboring country, flight too far in advance. New flash- flight schedules change. When an airline only flies to a destination a handful of times a week, the flight schedules changed. I’d book 90 days out. We made the mistake of booking fairly far in advance and lost almost 2 days of travel. We could have planned otherwise and had a smoother itinerary.

What is your favorite Travel Tip?


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