Let’s Find Money- $2,240.85 To Be Exact (For Travels, Obviously)

It’s pretty much an inside joke but for some reason, I can find money on the ground everywhere I go. I’m not saying I find staggering amounts of money, but if there is a dirty, grimy, rusted, carotid penny on the ground- I will find it. I don’t say this to brag by any means but use the case as a pun to say that I am good at finding money.

I wasn’t always this way but, as a quick background story, after our first international trip together, I spent the entire flight home budgeting to figure out how to pay for our next trip. Since then, I’ve learned a few tricks that, by making a few changes, can pay for a trip, almost alone- strict budgeting aside.

Now there are the big things, and the small things you can do. Those $350.00 per person weekend concert tickets (plus drinks and taxis) are a big chunk, as well as a fairly obvious hundred bucks here and there. We all have to have our hobbies, and those things we spend our money on that we won’t give up.

It’s those little things, the incremental here and there purchases that can make a difference.

What if that coffee you buy a few times a week could buy a flight?

With that in mind I am going to share some easy ways to help ‘find money’ to pay for a vacation.

That weekly Coffee (tea, soda- whatever your AM/Mid Day Caffeine Fix is)- I’m going to low ball the difference on this one. A Medium Dunkin Donuts Coffee is $2.12 each and the local DD I live by. I have a Nespresso Machine $0.80 per cup. That difference is $1.32 Each. Cut 3 out a week and that’s just over $200.00 per year. You latte drinkers at $5.00 each- swap your Latte to a Nespresso coffee 3xs a week and that’s $655.20 per year. Median Savings $528.85/year.


That Lunch You Buy To Get Out of the Office- Now this could be a tougher one to estimate as some companies attracting Millennials have free lunches galore, some may work from home, and dietary restrictions. Now, I work from home, and make lunches for myself and my husband. It’s a rare treat, or business luncheon, to eat out. It wasn’t only until I spoke with a friend, which caused me to speak with others, that I realized how much people can easily spend eating out for lunch. I’ll call eating lunch out $12.00 Yeah one day you may get a bagel for $4.00, but another you may spend $13.00 + tax and tip, or take a cab here and there. I’ll make the assumption someone eats out 2.5 times a week for 49 weeks a year (obviously because the other 3 you’re on holiday), at $12.00 a pop. We’ll take that cost as understand that you won’t completely take out eating out, and that not all lunches are leftovers. $12.00×2.5×49= $1,470.00 / 2 = $735.00.

The 80/20 Rule. It’s classically known in sales that 80% of revenue comes from 20% of the sales people. But this rule can apply in many cases. I won’t run numbers here but take 1 less taxi a week, Take out 20% of frivolous expenses. Eh for fun lets call it $20.00/week. Again 49/year = $980.00


$525.85 + $735.00 + $980.00 = $2,240.85

What could you do with an extra $2,240.85???????????


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