iPhones Don’t know the weather & other packing tips

Let me start by mentioning that no- I will not be helping you pack 2 weeks in a carry on. I don’t even understand who these people are who ACTUALLY pack in a carry on if they bring a computer, camera, phone, a purse and more than 1 pair of shoes. Those items alone are a carry on. Ah yes while in some cases you can bring a second bag from what I seen those with all carry ons are really bringing a suitcase and hogging up the bins from other passengers, and half the time having the flight attendants just check the bag anyways.

Before getting into packing tips, I want to lay some ground on some considerations that I am surprised haven’t been on any packing tips I’ve read before.

Considerations when Packing – The Basics

  1. Your IPhone does not accurately predict the temperature out of the country.
    1. By FAR my number one. Not to say it can even predict locally but trust me, do some research on an in country website of where you are going and look at the average temperatures as well as humidity.
  2. The Dress Code.
    1. Seems obvious, but if you are visiting museums, historical sites, religious venues etc, check the dress code or you may be denied entrance. No one will be making an exception for you. Also please- skip the potentially offensive and/or ironic T-Shirts.
  3. What is the walking terrain?
    1. Just because you are going to a city doesn’t mean heels will be easy to walk in ladies. Cobble stone streets and sidewalks aren’t easy to walk in on heels. And even if you want to, the roads will have the best of your shoes. I myself, always have a pair of heels but ensure it has a chunky heel and isn’t too high. Old stone streets can be very slippery.
  4. Don’t bring anything that you aren’t 100% certain you will be wearing while packing- especially shoes.
    1. Your back will thank you when you are carrying your suitcase. (or husbands who gets stuck carrying their wife’s bags)
  5. Plan on your styling/grooming tools not working.
    1. When voltage is not the same, curling irons/straighteners etc get extremely hot and can even cause a power surge. Plug in razors and such buzz like crazy. Use the hotels or pick up a cheap one when you get there. Some items work OK with a power converter but I personally think they are not worth the extra baggage. If it’s hot/ no air conditioning you won’t want to use a blow dryer anyways.


Now it’s time to pack.

  1. Reviewing my itinerary and packing accordingly is my key to avoiding both over and under packing.
    1. I count the days that I am traveling via car/train/plane/boat etc, review days, try to guestimate how many days I will need to wear something different in the day vs night. On Travel days I make sure my outfits are easy for that travel type and perhaps temperature difference. I really don’t want my skin touching public transportation either. Dresses can also be annoying walking up stairs or while carrying a suitcase depending on the length.
  2. Is Laundry possible?
    1. Always bring a few things that don’t require dry cleaning. Not all apartments include laundry, and electricity is expensive. Running both a washer and a dryer could cost you $100.00 depending on where you are.
  3. Ask yourself ‘Will this travel well?’
    1. Breezy linen styles seem perfect for hot nights but you’ll have to either iron the item, or have it pressed.
  4. Can & Will I wear this more than once?
    1. I generally fail at this for all my summer/warm weather trips as I tend to wear dresses. But I plan on wearing the same outfit I wear on the plane to my destination, on the way home.
  5. How much real estate will this item take up in my suitcase?
    1. Items that take up a lot of space, that aren’t used much, are a pain to carry around.
  6. Laundry bags are your best friend.
    1. Use laundry bags (or even plastic bags) to keep clean vs dirty vs shoes etc separate. When I initially pack I like to put some stuff in clean bags too. This way items I plan to wear in various places of my trip are kept together. Keeps everything nice and organized, as well as nicely folded.
  7. How well will an item wear?
    1. Especially for the men- avoid bringing items that show sweat all day such as light grey shirts. Things like Rompers for you ladies are also a pain if you will be using public restrooms, or even in cafés, many places don’t have the same cleanliness standards L
  8. Stick with 1 color shoe.
    1. Sticking with say only black or only nude shoes can make a world of a difference in how much you pack. In summer months I tend to bring a pair of comfy heels, and then a pair of flats, and some sort of athletic/athleisure shoe. Doing so helps packing and mixing and matching items with clothing.
  9. Face it, you probably aren’t going to use the hotel gym.
    1. Unless you are on a planned athletic trip, skip bringing those extra pair of gym clothes, socks and shoes. If you do something athletic use your athleisure or hiking shoes.
  10. Compression socks. (or pants) 
    1. Always wear them on the plane to avoid puffy ankles.

Happy Packing!


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