WanderlustWednesday Post 1

Post 1.  It’s Wednesday, #wanderlustwednesday.

We live in a digital world.

We can find beautiful photos of the world and tourist destinations, filled with sunny skies, or beautiful storms, untouched with tourists.

We can find places to see, to eat, to learn, faster and easier than ever in history. 5 seconds or less and hundreds of ‘top rated’ places can be found across the globe.

But what about the places that aren’t on the ‘top 5’ places of any given search engine?

The best experiences we have, all over the world, many times are found by accident, word of mouth, or while trying to find something else. There are plenty of amazing travel websites out there. People vote, they speak, and share experiences. There are magazines, celebrities, and endorsements.  Many of these places are wonderful, but by the time travelers learn of them, they unfortunately lose the mystique and charm that was the impetus to write about them in the first place.

At WanderlustWednesday, we will do everything we can to  not write about places we learned about in travel books, ‘top places,’ TV shows and travel books. We can’t guarantee some of them might not be previously “found” and explored. But, what we can offer, are stories and tips from the heart and soul of a traveler. We want people to travel better- not necessarily farther or longer (ok now don’t get us wrong vacation days are meant to be taken)), but rather maximized in every single moment.

Create moments. Create memories. Create experiences.

Keep them forever.



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